Welcome to DHL Online Shipping

The Welcome to DHL Online Shipping (Home) page offers left navigation to the main features of the application, as shown here. In the application, click a listed navigation feature to go to that page. From here, click a link to view that Help topic.

Left Navigation

Prepare Shipment Paperwork

Open the Shipment Preparation: From page, and begin preparing a shipment.

Request Courier Pickup

Open the Request Courier Pickup page, as needed to schedule a pickup. If you have a regular pickup scheduled, you do not necessarily need to use this feature.

Track / Shipment History

Open the Track / Shipment History page, and track the progress of a shipment or review previous shipment information.

Manage My Address Book

Open the Address Book summary page, and add, edit, or delete contacts.

Update My Details

Open the Update My Details page, and edit your contact or address information.

Contact DHL

Open the Contact DHL page with information about local Service Centers.


Open the Demo and get a quick preview of Online Shipping.


Log out of Online Shipping.  


Terms and Conditions

Read the DHL Worldwide Express "Terms and Conditions of Carriage."

DHL Logo.

From other pages in Online Shipping , click the DHL logo to return to the Home page.


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