Request Courier Pickup

Use the Request Courier Pickup page to request an unscheduled pickup. You do not need to use this feature if you have a regularly scheduled pickup. Multiple shipments can be picked up at one time.

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How To Use This Page

To request a courier pickup, take these steps.

1.       Complete the required fields, and other fields as needed.

2.       Use one of these command buttons.

If you selected this page from the Home page, click Request Pickup.

If this request is part of a shipment preparation flow, click Next.


Request Courier Pickup


Name of the person responsible for providing the shipment to the DHL Courier at the pickup location.


Name of the company where your shipment is to be picked up.

Address Line1

Street address necessary for pickups and deliveries.

Address Line2

Additional address information, as needed.

Address Line3

Additional address information, as needed.


Name of the city where your shipment is located.


Drop-down list. Select the name of the state of province where your shipment is located.

Zip/Postal Code

Zip code number or Postal Code number


Select an available country from the drop-down list. If the country you need is not on the list, you can arrange an offline shipment. Please use the Contact DHL link.


Telephone number.

Location Type

Drop-down list. Defaults to Business. Select another type of location, as needed.

Total pieces in shipment(s)

Total number of packages in the current shipment to a maximum of 70 pieces.

Total weight of shipment(s)

Cumulative weight of all packages in all shipments.

Location of Packages

Indicate the specific location of the shipment where the courier can collect it, such as reception, lobby, warehouse, and so on.

Special Instructions

Any special instructions regarding this pickup and its handling up to 70 characters

Pickup Date

Drop-down list. Select a date up to 10 days in advance.

My Package will be ready by

Set a time in hours and minutes from the drop-down lists. Shipments must be ready by 21:00 hours.

Office closes at

Set a time in hours and minutes from the drop-down lists.

Note:If this request is part of a shipment preparation flow, you can click Previous or Next to go to the prior or subsequent step in the flow. You can also click Cancel to stop the process.

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