Print Shipment Paperwork

This page allows you to print out the necessary shipment paperwork.
This includes DHL shipment Waybill, Customs Invoice (Non-Documents) and Shipment Receipt.
Please note that an Archive Copy will also be printed automatically. This should not be attached to the shipment package.

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Print Shipment Paperwork

Print Shipment Label

(Laser Print)


This option will print the Waybill on your laser printer.


Every piece of the shipment must have a Shipment Label attached to it.

This includes all the detail necessary for DHL to transport your shipment to the final destination.

This includes the delivery address and other relevant details in order to route your shipment quickly through DHL’s Worldwide network.


You may select to print out additional copies by adjusting the “# of copies drop down list”.

Please note:

For Shipment label you don’t need to select additional copies if you have multiple pieces. This will be printed automatically.  

Some printers are set up to print on both pages automatically.

This will impact the number of copies printed. You may adjust your printer settings or make extra copies.



Print Proforma Invoice

(Only applicable for dutiable shipments)


You will be prompted to print out Proforma Invoice if the content of your shipment is Dutiable (or Non-Document).

This may also be called Commercial Invoice if this has been selected.

A Proforma (Commercial) invoice is mandatory for Customs to declare the shipment.

A dutiable shipment must include 3-4 copies of the Proforma (Commercial) Invoice.


If this is not included, the shipment will be held in Customs until this has been provided.

This will delay the delivery of the shipment.


You may select to print out additional copies by adjusting the “# of copies drop down list”.

Print Receipt

You can also select to print out a Shipment Receipt.

This is optional. You may keep this if you wish to file it. 


You may select to print out additional copies by adjusting the “# of copies drop down list”.

Select All

You can select this option if you like to print out all the paperwork.



Print PreView

Clicking this button allows you to view all the Paperwork in PDF format prior to printing.




Clicking this button will trigger the printing process and print out all your shipment paperwork.




Click this button when you have printed out the shipment paperwork successfully.

This will verify that you have completed your shipment.


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